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Flooring Maintenance and Refinishing Services

Hardwood Floor Installation Services

FLOORING MAINTENANCE And Refinishing Services Every so often it’s important to give your wooden flooring some care and attention to keep it looking at its best. We provide a range of services that will freshen up your floor and help protect it over the years to come. Floor protection Hardwood flooring is a gift from […]

Carpet VS Hardwood


Carpet VS Hardwood   Carpeting seems economical, right? Actually, carpeting lasts between 6 & 10 years. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime. Here’s a 40-year comparison test you can use when trying to decide between carpeting or wood flooring. Say you installed a hardwood floor. It would typically last for 40 years. During that same […]

How Long Will a Refinished Floor Last?

dustless hardwood floors llc

How Long Will a Refinished Floor Last? According to This Old House, hardwood finishes normally last for a decade, and hardwood can be finished multiple times, making it appear new time and time again. But how long will they last if you have pets? How long will they last when poorly maintained? Below are a […]

How Floor Refinishing Is a Great Return on Your Investment

Dustless Hardwood Floors Your Leading Hardwood Flooring Contractors

How Floor Refinishing Is a Great Return on Your Investment Are you looking for a great way to improve the joy you get out of your home in the short term while also building value in the long run? If that’s the case, you should consider wood floor refinishing.  Refinishing a floor will require an […]