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FLOORING MAINTENANCE And Refinishing Services

Every so often it’s important to give your wooden flooring some care and attention to keep it looking at its best. We provide a range of services that will freshen up your floor and help protect it over the years to come.

Floor protection

Hardwood flooring is a gift from nature so it’s important to give it the respect it deserves. Just like our skin, over time, wood shows signs of age if it’s not properly looked after or exposed to harsh chemicals. Every day our floors are exposed to dirt and germs, scuffmarks and scrapes from toys and stiletto shoes. It is important to take the time to maintain your hardwood floor, using the right kind of cleaning products. Having it regularly protected professionally will pay dividends in the long run.

We can offer a range of protective coatings to protect your flooring from wear and tear, but it’s important to take steps of your own to keep it looking good for as long as possible and ensure the correct maintenance of your hardwood floors. Think of your flooring not just as something you walk on, but as an important accessory to the rest of your home. Be careful when moving furniture, use gentle cleaning products that don’t strip away delicate oils and ask people to leave their shoes at the door when they enter. Where possible encourage the children not to draw or paint or to run their cars across the floor as this can scratch and dent the floor.


Like water, humidity can play havoc with wooden flooring. When we install your floor we’ll ask you to turn your thermostat to a regular temperature and try to keep it at around the same level throughout the year. Extreme changes in temperature can cause wood to expand and contract. A high increase in humidity can result in an expansion of up to two inches and a severe drop can lead to gaps between boards. We’re able to help should either of these happen but it’s advisable to keep the humidity in your home at a reasonable temperature throughout the year if possible to avoid any unnecessary costs and inconvenience.


Like humidity, the temperature in your home can have a significant impact on the longevity and condition of your hardwood flooring. If you can, choose a temperature that works for you and try not to change it too much throughout the year.

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