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Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Portland, CT

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Our hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is done without any of the negatives that you find with other hardwood floor contractors. We use a dustless process that is proven. One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have about having hardwood floor installation and refinishing is the heavy clean up that goes along with it. Unless your property is vacant, using traditional methods means a huge mess to contend with. What you get with traditional methods:

  • Dust everywhere
  • Wood particles everywhere
  • Films of saw dust on all your belongings
  • Fumes from the stain, sealer and other chemicals
Dust and wood particles travel all over the house with traditional methods. It can be nearly impossible to protect everything. As a matter of fact, the mess is the one thing that keeps people from having their floors done. Of course, no one likes to live with the smell of traditional stain, sealer and other chemicals either.

Top-Notch Floor Refinishing

We can refinish hardwood floors without the annoying dust! Dustless Hardwood Floors LLC has the techniques that will provide you with the dustless floor sanding and refinishing that you want. We can refinish hardwood floors to like-new condition without the dust. Dustless hardwood floor sanding in Portland, CT is the answer when you want beautiful flooring without the downside.

The Downside of Wood Floor Refinishing

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Service

No Downside

Our name says it all! Dustless Hardwood Floors LLC provides dust-free floor refinishing. You do not have to worry about clean up or dealing with weeks of finding dust around the house. We use low VOC stains and sealants to ensure there are no chemical smells left behind. We can refinish and install wood floors with everything in place uncovered! You get the results without the frustration. Contact us for a free consultation and to learn how we can take care of your flooring needs dust free!

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