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Carpet VS Hardwood

Before & After Finishing Floor.


Carpeting seems economical, right? Actually, carpeting lasts between 6 & 10 years. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime. Here’s a 40-year comparison test you can use when trying to decide between carpeting or wood flooring. Say you installed a hardwood floor. It would typically last for 40 years. During that same period, you probably will have to install new carpeting 6 or 9 times. At that rate, the hardwood flooring costs less than the cumulative cost of all the carpeting you would have to install. Another thing you need to consider is the cleanliness of your home. A large company that recycles old carpeting has stated that the majority of used carpeting it receives for processing contains at least 38% of its weight in household dirt. The families who owned this old carpeting were walking, on dirt. Hardwood floors is simply cleaner. If it is dirty, the dirt is plainly visible, not hidden within carpet fibers. When comparing hardwood floors to carpet, hardwood flooring is be your best buy and most solid investment.

Wood and bamboo floors are rather expensive to install. The floor itself can add a lot of value to homes and other properties because many people prefer wood to tile, carpeting, and other common options. Wood is a versatile material, and you can achieve different aesthetics, both with your choice of specific wood species and with stains and finishing.

The right wood floor can also be quite durable. That said, wood is vulnerable to certain things, like moisture. Furthermore, while many types of wood are resistant to scratches and dings, it’s still possible for them to get scuffed up. With refinishing, however, it’s possible to reduce, if not eliminate, scratches. Next, with stains and finishes, you can protect your floor from scratches. Given how expensive replacing a wood floor is, it’s crucial to protect your investment.

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